Valuable Aims and Tangible Benefits


We know that every penny counts these days, so Aims and Objectives have to be valuable and relevant, whilst attendance must deliver real, tangible benefits if we are to justify our fee and your day out of practice.

We also know that key to the success of our courses is delivering what delegates need to maximise their patient outcomes and ultimately help them grow their own business. So we made a point of asking, resulting in a list of reason why we believe you will want to join us:


Getting the most from 3D Software

By far the greatest request was for training in the use of 3D Diagnostic and Planning Software. 3D images are very different from traditional 2d x-rays, even if you are used to interogating digital intra-oral or OPG images. Consequently, 3D diagnostic and planning software is necessarily complex and understanding how Axial, Sagital and Coronal MPR planes interact; measuring accurately on aligned Sectional views and adjusting density render in 3D presentation, can impose significant challenges on the inexperienced practitioner.

- Through an introductory overview, case-study presentation, then practical hands-on use of the latest version of Carestream's CSi 3D, we aim for all delegates to gain confidence with the basic and advanced capabilites of this market-leading software suite. And the real value... you get to keep a full-feature copy of this universal DiCom Volume viewer for use in your own practice, something for which other providers charge many hundreds, if not thousands of pounds!


Understanding the Technology

Although there are many similarities with traditional x-ray imaging, CBCT technology introduces some unfamiliar issues around patient positioning, dose optimisation and image management, as well as regular QA and systems maintenance. So whether you are a new owner, a prospective purchaser or simply refer patients to a third-party imaging centre, better understanding of your patient journey, can only help the outcome.

- Through detailed demonstration and hands-on use of a working CBCT, we will help you improve your patient experience and resultant image quality, maximising confidence when acquiring new CBCT images. We will show you how to safely store and share images within and beyond your own practice and examine cost-effective solutions for full compliance with current QA and maintenance requirements.


Regulatory Compliance

No one particularly enjoys being told what to do, but the rapid growth in use of CBCT technology has inevitably led to the publication of a defined set of guidelines which we must all observe, if we are to act with best practice in mind.

- Through analysis of HPA-CRCE-010 – ‘Guidance on the Safe Use of Dental CBCT Equipment’  we examine the impact of this publication on your daily activities, at all levels from Owner to Referrer to Operator, ever mindfull of how this can be put into practice in a positive, compliant manner.

You can get ahead of the game if you click here to download a copy of the document.


Verifiable CPD

If you're committing your day, you want to see the reward, so all delegates will leave with a certificate for Six Hours Verifiable CPD.

- If nothing else, it shows you put in the time, but we think you will gain much more that a piece of paper, in both thoeretical and practical ways that will deliver tangible value to your practice and real benefit to your patient's clinical outcome.